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Player Pledge - put £s on the pitch

Player Pledge - put £s on the pitch

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Help us raise £15,000 to get the best possible team on the pitch

Every year some of our keenest supporters make donations to the ring-fenced Player Pledge Fund towards paying for players throughout the season. The fund is often used to bring new players in or to help pay loan costs, and actually helped bring Tyler Harvey here back in 2015-16.

Now we’re calling for more of you to play your part in helping get the best players on the pitch for The Romans by signing up to the Bath City Player Pledge. Last year the Pledge raised over £11,000 from a relatively small group of keen fans, and this year we're asking for more fans that can afford it to donate whatever you can to help Jerry field the strongest possible team throughout the season and hit our target of £15,000. Fans have already pledged over £6,000 for this season, so there’s under £9,000 to go.

To recognise your contribution, everyone who donates will:
  • be invited to two receptions - one pre/early-season and another mid-season, where you'll get the chance to meet and chat with Jerry
  • receive a personally signed thank you card from Jerry
  • and we'll list your name in the programme (if you want it) every match as a gesture of our thanks.

You can donate instantly online now and 100% of your donation will be transferred directly to the ring-fenced Bath City FC Players Fund account. Simply select the amount from you want to donate from the dropdown menu and go to the checkout.

Or if you want to spread the cost and give throughout the year, download the Standing Order Mandate, complete and send it direct to your bank Download the form now. Or set it up through your own internet banking using the following details:

Bath City Football Club Ltd Players Fund
Bath Building SocietyRecipient’s
Sort Code: 62-30-45Recipient’s
Account Number: 00000000 (this is the correct number)
Reference: 42934766 (be sure to include this unique reference)

Do email us at to let us know.

Thanks for your support!